Live Smart Exercise Therapy Program

Body Smart Live Smart Exercise Therapy program is different. Very different.

You will be treated as if you are out only patient with a customised treatment plan that will allow you to progress at your own pace.  Body Smart is large enough to offer all your exercise and weight loss services you require throughout Brisbane. But personal enough to offer you a very hands on specialised approach. We have experience working with amateur, elite, professional and Olympic athletes as well as non-athletic patients. So whether it be joint pain, weight loss or a severe health condition we have the skills and experience to help.

Our staff are well trained with years of experience, all possessing advanced degrees in their respective specialities. Most importantly, our results and outcomes are excellent. Clients change their bodies during their time with us and return to their active lives in better health, feeling renewed and improved.

**At Body Smart our results are Typical**

Program DurationAverage Initial WeightAverage End WeightAverage Weight LossAverage Percentage of Initial Body Weight Lost
2 months105.3kg98.8kg6.5kg6%
6 months109kg94.6kg14.4kg13%
12 months 102.1kg84.8kg17.3kg17%

*Average participation in program to date 9.3 Months
N=121 M=78 F=43

There is no waiting at Body Smart. Immediate appointments are available. Your visits are respected and not a minute is wasted. BodySmart is leading the healthcare field. Utilising Exercise Medicine and technology to ensure not only your results, but to simplify your experience and allow your practitioner to concentrate on you.

“The first wealth is health”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Therapeutic Exercise
At Body Smart, we apply a scientific approach to achieve optimal health and weight loss results. Exercise Physiologists will prescribe and instruct specific exercise programs based on your unique Biomarker Assessments. Exercise programs will be based on your cardiovascular health, gender, age, weight, health conditions and finally your goals.

Our Exercise Physiologists
All of our Exercise Physiologist are registered through Medicare Australia and ESSA both as Exercise Scientists and Physiologists. Our Exercise Physiologists hold advanced degrees which include Motivation, Strength and Conditioning, Special considerations.

We utilise the Position Papers of the American College of Sports Medicine for exercise prescription. The world’s leading authority on exercise prescription for weight loss, performance, rehabilitation and special considerations.

All of our staff hold current certification for Advanced CPR and Cardiac life support.

Each one hour session may include:
Resistance Training: with body weight, free weights and resistance bands
Functional Movements: training
Cardiorespiratory Conditioning: exercises such as cycling, walking, elliptical or intervals
Reformer Pilates: guided movements to improve tone and stability using specialised equipment

Our Staff use a combination of Resistance Training, Functional Training, Pilates and Cardiovascular Exercise to improve Stamina, Strength, Tone and Burn High Volumes of calories.