What is Exercise Physiology?
Exercise Physiology is evidence based medicine using exercise and corrective movements to improve your health, recover from injury to prevent or manage long term health conditions or to simply an guidance from an expert with a high level of knowledge and experience in how to get you moving again. 

What is an Exercise Physiologist?
Exercise Physiologists are highly qualified, university-trained, Allied health professionals specializing in exercise, rehabilitation and preventative medicine. Exercise Physiologists have extensive knowledge of human anatomy, musculoskeletal injuries, cardiac disease and other metabolic and physiological conditions.

What is Sport Science?
Sport Science at Body Smart assists athletes from amateur to elite levels maximise their performance prevent injuries. Through training techniques, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, physiological testing or preparing for an event. Sports scientists like those at Body Smart gives athletes the tools they need to maximise their potential and become the best they can be.

How is Exercise Physiology different from personal training?
Exercise Physiologists have extensive knowledge of human anatomy, musculoskeletal injuries, cardiac disease, and other physiological conditions. Exercise Physiologists understand the science behind how your body adapts to injury and training and what variables to manipulate to get the best out of your body. All Exercise Physiologists are University qualified having completed at least 4 years of training and 500 clinical hours working with a wide variety of health professionals. Its this knowledge that allows us to prescribe you exercise that will be safe and effective regardless of your goals, injury or condition.

If i want to take part in your group classes, how do i get started?
In order to take part in our group exercise classes, an initial consultation and assessment is conducted.  Following this an individualised exercise program can be created and we take you through this. Then we can book into your first group exercise class.  

How is Exercise Physiology different from Physiotherapy?
Exercise Physiology focuses on the rehabilitative side of treatment as opposed to hands on therapy. We use corrective exercises to restore movement, decrease pain, improve strength and ultimately get you moving again. At Body Smart our Exercise Physiologists work with your Physiotherapist to develop a treatment strategy that will best suit your personal needs and condition giving you the best of both worlds.

Do I need a referral?
To be eligible for bulk billing patients under Medicare, DVA, Workers Compensation and CTP claims you will need a referral from their GP or attending Physician prior to attending an initial consultation. However, if you are a private client you won't need a referral to receive private health insurance rebates on Exercise Physiology services.

Why have I been referred to see an Exercise Physiologist?
Your doctor will refer you to Body Smart for treatment of pain, injury or a long term health condition. Our team works with your Doctor and other medical professionals to create a treatment plan to restore your health, improve physical function and improve your quality of life.

What can I expect from a consultation with an Exercise Physiologist?
In general your consultation will include the following:

  • An initial assessment to understand your current health status, injury history and contraindications
  • Physical assessment to diagnose postural issues and movement dysfunction
  • Discuss your personal health goals, and what strategy will best suit you to make these become a reality
  • From there we work with your GP, Physio or other allied health professionals to develop an individualised exercise and treatment program and teach you how to perform each exercise and how to use these for best effect.
    At all times you will be in a safe and comfortable environment.

How long will the initial consultation take?

Between 30-60 minutes depending on your circumstances. Subsequent consultations may vary between 30-60 minutes.

What should I bring to an exercise physiology consultation?

Please bring your referral form, any information regarding your medical and injury history, as well as any medications. Then we advise wearing light, comfortable clothing and appropriate, closed footwear. For all following exercise-based treatment sessions and group classes, please bring a water bottle, towel and any required medications.

What are your payment policies?

Payment is required on the day for all appointments. Payment can be made in cash, via EFTPOS, or by credit card.

Are there rebates available for the consultation fee?

If you have a Medicare or DVA referral from your GP your consultation is bulk billed i.e. there is no out of pocket expense. If you have private health insurance, you may also be eligible for a rebate depending on your fund and level of cover; however, please contact your health fund to check eligibility.

Do you treat Worker's Compensation / WorkCover injuries?

Body Smart is a WorkCover accredited provider, offering rehabilitation for worker's compensation and workplace related injuries. A referral is required from a doctor or health professional so that we can seek approval from the insurer to conduct an initial assessment. It is important to also provide us with the following information:

  • Insurance company
  • Case manager name and contact details
  • Claim number and medical certificate