Essentials for your first Reformer Pilates class

So, what do you need for your first Reformer Pilates Class?

When it comes to equipment that you need for the class, everything is here waiting for you! You’ll use the Reformer Pilates machines, as well as other equipment such as a ball, mat, weights and resistance bands, to work different parts of the body while in a Reformer Pilates class. In saying that, a water bottle and towel will come in handy for a quick drink break because it is so important to stay hydrated during your workout.

A first class of any workout can be super nerve racking! The wonderful thing about Reformer Pilates is that everyone in the class is constantly growing and learning, so confidence is key! Don’t be afraid to take a break if your body tells you it needs one or to ask one of our Exercise Physiologists to help you get the position right, or alter it to cater for your personal needs and abilities. Having the confidence to do all these things will make a world of difference during your first Reformer Pilates class. Don’t be afraid to take a risk either and challenge yourself, without pushing your body to the extreme, of course.

Fun Workout Clothes
No workout is complete without a funky workout kit! Wear bright patterns to bring even more energy into the room. We love the abi and joseph range of active wear for women because it has super fun options and prints to inspire and motivate you to get into your activewear and come to class. You can read our review on the abi and joseph range here. Also, bring socks with you as it is best if you wear socks while on the Reformer Pilates machines.

Open Mind
Probably the most important thing you could take to your first Reformer Pilates class is an open mind. Throughout this journey you’re going to find out a lot about Reformer Pilates and your body – so be open to it all! Don’t be afraid to listen, take a step back or push yourself further. Listening to yourself and your Exercise Physiologist go hand-in-hand and will help you make the most of your first class.

These are the essentials we recommend for your first Reformer Pilates class, and most of all, have fun with it. We can wait to see you in the studio soon!