How Can Regular Exercise Help Prevent and Manage Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a ‘silent disease’ that currently affects 1.2 million Australians and has no clear symptoms until the first fracture occurs. The most common sites for Osteoporosis are in the hip, spine, wrist, upper arm, forearm and ribs.

So, to limit your chances of developing Osteoporosis, especially as you age, regular exercise, combined with a healthy diet, is critical to strengthening bones, improving balance and muscular coordination and enhance functional movements to ultimately make bones less exposed to fractures.

How can the team at Body Smart help prevent and manage Osteoporosis?

The Body Smart team is a group of qualified, experienced health professionals who are dedicated to providing up to day, holistic healthcare that is based on the latest evidence based practice. When it comes to preventing and managing Osteoporosis, the Body Smart team have developed the Falls Prevent Program, which includes:

  • Balance specific exercises to reduce your risk of falls
  • Muscular strengthening exercises, with a focus on the hip and abdominal area to improve balance and muscular control
  • Weight bearing cardiovascular and muscular strengthening exercises to reduce the rate of the natural decline of bone mineral density
  • Flexibility exercise to ensure appropriate range of motion through a joint
  • Diet advice including nutritional information about vitamin D and calcium supplements to better support your bones
  • Medication information so you know what the physiological processes are
  • Supervision at ever exercise session you attend
  • Ongoing support away from the exercise clinic

In addition to the Falls Prevent Program, Reformer Pilates, which is another speciality area at Body Smart, can also help prevent and manage Osteoporosis as it works to strengthen bones and increase mobility. As Reformer Pilates focuses on weight-bearing exercises and movements that encourage compression and tension, it can (and should) be one part of your exercise program to ultimately help prevent and manage Osteoporosis.

While it is important to maintain regular exercise for preventing and managing Osteoporosis, it is important to remember that not all exercises and Reformer Pilates movements are recommended for preventing and managing Osteoporosis. Be sure to work with one of our qualified and experienced Exercise physiologists who will work with you in prescribing safe and effective programs for your ongoing prevention or management of Osteoporosis.