About Us

Body Smart is a rehabilitation clinic proudly committed to providing the best exercise and rehabilitation services available. Every staff member is a registered allied health professional. This means they have completed 4 years of university training and are specialised health professionals registered with Medicare Australia and Private Health insurance providers.

At Body Smart we work with your Doctor, Medical Specialists, physiotherapists and other health professionals to ensure you receive the best treatment available. Working as a team our accredited exercise physiologists implement comprehensive rehabilitation and exercise programs individualized to your goals, helping you to achieve your goals and get the best out of your body.   

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Our exercise and rehabilitation programs commonly include:

  • Treatment for physical injury and rehabilitation
  • Strength and conditioning for health and athletic performance.
  • Preventative treatment for disease prevention and chronic health management
  • Fitness and Lifestyle modification to help you get the most out of life

So whether you are recovering from injury, are at risk of developing a chronic health condition or just want to improve your fitness we can help you. We have the skills and knowledge to help you achieve whatever exercise or rehabilitation goals you aspire towards.