About BodySmart Health+

About BodySmart Health+

BodySmart Health+ is recognised as one of the leading Exercise Physiology & Physical Therapy practices in Australia.

We operate out of 9 locations in South East Queensland and Brisbane offering speciality services in Exercise Science, Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates and Physical Therapy, Workplace Rehabilitation, Women’s Health, Veterans Wellness and programs to support Chronic Disease Condition Management. BodySmart Health+ also has specific clinicians and services for supporting NDIS clients and their needs.


What is a BodySmart Exercise Physiologist?

BodySmart’s Accredited Exercise Physiologists are Exercise and Movement Scientists who specialise in clinical exercise interventions for people with a broad range of health issues. The aims of exercise physiology interventions are to prevent or manage acute, sub-acute or chronic disease or injury, and assist in restoring one’s optimal physical function, health or wellness.

In order to practice as an Exercise Physiologist, clinicians must complete a minimum 4-year bachelor’s degree provided by a National University Course Accredited Program as well as complete continuing professional development and work. *AHPA

Exercise Physiologists are knowledgeable about the effects that movement and exercise have on the neuromuscular system, bone, joints and skeletal structures as well as the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Exercise Physiologists can help treat medical conditions such as obesity, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, asthma, cardiovascular disease, the side effects of cancer treatment and many others.


The BodySmart Health+ Advantage

BodySmart Health+ is at the forefront of the Australian health and fitness industry in general and biomedical rehabilitation specifically. We achieve consistently better client outcomes as a result of our knowledge and training, experience and by designing and implementing individual specific programs for all of our clients.

All BodySmart Health+ clinicians are university qualified Exercise Physiologists and specialists in Rehabilitation & Therapy.
Advanced therapy and rehabilitation services

Professional practice management

Superior skills and experience of clinicians

The best patient outcomes in the shortest possible time

State of the art equipment and facilities

We work with clients referred by Medical Practitioners as well as directly with private clients. As an accredited Allied Health Partner, medically referred clients are able to access an allocated number of BodySmart Health+ sessions at no personal charge. Private health rebates and concessions are also available for Exercise Physiology treatments for Private clients. We are outcome oriented with a clear focus on getting patients back to their best as fast as possible!


Meet the BodySmart Health+ Team

Exercise Physiologist

Anne Peters

Following a career as a professional ballerina with the Queensland Ballet Company which came to an untimely end due to spinal fractures, Anne developed an interest in rehabilitation and movement as a form of medicine. Specifically, Anne found immense joy and reward in helping people with chronic injuries and health conditions regain their confidence to move again, independence and quality of life.

In 2016, Anne graduated as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Class 1 Honours from the University of Queensland. During her undergraduate degree Anne completed research investigating the effect of exercise intensity on quality of life in patients with cancer. It was during this time Anne realised that despite the plethora of research on exercise for cancer care, there was a distinct lack of exercise therapy and other and allied health services specific to people with cancer.

Since commencing at Body Smart Health, Anne has translated her passion for cancer care into practice by establishing Body Smart Health’s allied health cancer program. This has seen Anne work closely with a number of leading oncologists and surgeons across South East Queensland helping patients to recover from variety of cancer types including breast, prostate, lung, brain, soft tissue, colorectal, ovarian, skin cancers, and metastatic disease. By employing evidence-based practice, Anne has developed tailored exercise programs for each of her patients that have yielded significant improvements in physical function, psychosocial wellbeing and quality of life.

To remain a leader in the field, since graduating Anne has completed further study specific to exercise therapy for patients with a range of cancer types. More recently Anne has completed study specific to best practice exercise-therapy for cancer patients with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in Melbourne and is about to undertake further post graduate study in the field of exercise oncology.

Anne prides herself on her ability to relate to the hardships of being a patient. This stems from her previous life as a professional ballerina with the Queensland Ballet Company, but also her ongoing challenges with a number of her own chronic health conditions. These have helped Anne develop a thorough appreciation for both sides of the clinician-patient interaction and, combined with her nurturing emotional intelligence, build powerful and trusting relationships with her patients.


Jordan Lambi

Jordan graduated from the University of Queensland with a Master of Dietetics and Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. During Jordan’s university studies he developed a keen interest in advocating for the health and wellbeing of more vulnerable populations through food and nutrition.

While working at the Head and Neck Cancer Radiation Oncology Outpatient Clinic at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Jordan experienced just how significant nutrition was on treatment outcomes and quality of life. It was at this time Jordan established his passion for improving nutrition in people with cancer, and utilising nutrition to enhance treatment outcomes. Another area of interest to Jordan is the role and importance of food and nutrition in mental health and wellbeing.

Jordan’s experience includes consultations in private practice, acute care at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, corporate health and wellbeing with the Easternwell Oil and Gas company and elite sports nutrition with the Brisbane Broncos.

Personally, Jordan is a big fan of sports. Having played semi-professionally in the National Premier League for Western Pride Football Club, Jordan appreciates the immense significance food and nutrition has on mental and physical performance in the sports setting. Jordan utilised this deeper understanding of sports nutrition during his time as a nutritionist for the Wynnum- Manly Seagulls Rugby League Football Club.

When it comes to dietetics, Jordan is an advocate for the wholefoods approach more so than prescribing dietary supplements. Jordan is passionate about helping people with their health and improved performance through whole foods as much as possible. 

Exercise Physiologist

Michelle Holmes

Since graduating from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology, Michelle has been working in a private practice setting.

Michelle grew up playing multiple sports including Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and Athletics, whilst also pursuing her love of Dance. Her active childhood and adolescence ignited her passion for exercise and rehabilitation, which has ultimately led her to the path she is on today.

Throughout her University journey, she developed a keen interest in the area of Women’s Health, in particular, antenatal and postnatal Pilates. Since finishing her Undergraduate degree, Michelle has pursued further training in the area of pelvic floor and Women’s Health, including abdominal separation, prolapse and incontinence. Michelle is on a mission to provide the highest quality advice and education to women across the Women’s Health spectrum, and to advocate for the role of Accredited Exercise Physiologist’s (AEP’s) in the field of Women’s Health.

When Michelle isn’t in consultations, you can find her in the Pilates studio teaching a range of classes – from Mums and Bubs to Dynamic Reformer Pilates! She has undertaken Professional Development and training with a variety of Pilates Institutions, including the Pilates Institute of Queensland, Studio Pilates International and DMA Clinical Pilates.

Outside of the studio, Michelle enjoys exploring the beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast, and spending time with her family and her Labrador, Lola. She loves a good book and podcast, and believes that we should never stop learning! In 2019, she will be commencing her Postgraduate studies in Physiotherapy to enhance her clinical skillset and to provide a unique combination of treatment and management strategies for Women’s Health in Brisbane and beyond.

Exercise Physiologist

Tehanee Obeyesekere

Tehanee was a national level swimmer with a recurring undiagnosed injury for 5 yrs. During this time Tehanee saw numerous allied health practitioners to no success, until she found one health professional whom listened and took the time needed to rehabilitate correctly. From this experience she has learnt the value of listening and investing time into finding solutions to injuries and conditions. She strives to create an atmosphere for healing though empathy, experience, building rapport and having fun.

Exercise Physiologist

Jeremy Wright

Jeremy graduated with a bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology from the Queensland University of Technology in 2017. He has experience in exercise prescription for a range of clinical conditions, however holds a special interest in both musculoskeletal rehabilitation and cancer care. Coming from a sporting background, Jeremy was always intrigued by how the human body changes and adapts to specific types of exercise, an interest which ultimately led him to the field of Exercise Physiology. Jeremy believes that every client should be treated individually to their situation, using the latest evidence, to deliver an exercise therapy or rehabilitation plan that provides the highest quality care. A firm believer in practicing what you preach, Jeremy enjoys attending the gym, playing touch footy and watching rugby league whenever possible.

Exercise Physiologist

Jay Creeks

Originally from the Darling Downs, Jay has always been interested in sport and exercise. He began studying Clinical Exercise Physiology at the Queensland University of Technology.
In his four years of study he developed a passion for assisting people with the use of exercise as medicine. Some of his key interests include musculoskeletal, metabolic and cardiorespiratory conditions.

Jay is interested in educating individuals on the importance of exercise in daily living and the amazing qualities it can have on overall health and wellbeing.

In his free time Jay enjoys spending time camping, travelling and writing low quality music for fun.

He is excited to be able to share his love and knowledge of exercise and the positive health outcomes associated with it, with the local community.

Exercise Physiologist and Business Development Manager

Marc Roetteler

Marc graduated from the University of Queensland in 2012. Since graduation, he built and managed his own allied health business for 4 years before joining BodySmart Health in late 2017 as the Business Development Manager and a Senior Exercise Physiologist. Marc is passionate about the provision, and promotion, of evidence based physical therapy interventions to clients living with disabilities, and has a keen interest in the use of exercise physiology in the management of psychosocial and mental health conditions. Originally born in Germany Marc has a keen interest in all things German, as well as a passion for travel, dogs, and basketball.



Ellen Lake

Ellen graduated from Queensland University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy First Class Honours in 1981.
Since then she has worked extensively in clinical musculoskeletal practice, hydrotherapy, inpatient hospital practice, mental health and exercise prescription therapy.

Ellen has a passion for physical and mental wellness and incorporates meditation and mindfulness training into her clinical practice. She is trained in Mental Health First Aid and is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association's National Mental Health Committee. Ellen is currently studying a Masters of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

In her spare time , Ellen enjoys trekking, travelling and running. This year, 2018, she celebrated 21 years of running in the Gold Coast Half-Marathon and is enjoying learning a new skill - trapeze.
Ellen has 3 adult children and is looking forward to the birth of her fifth grand-child.

‘Our clients appreciate the time taken to truly understand their personal history, what brought them here and how it affects them. This attention to detail and the commitment of our clinicians is what allows us to get people back to where they want to be, as quickly as possible.’