Female Centric Health & Wellbeing

BodySmart Women + offers dedicated programs and solutions for women’s health concerns including pre and post-natal care, POP, PCOS, Pelvic floor, Endometriosis and pelvic girdle or lower back pain.
Our clinicians are specialists in Women’s Health and are available for private & group consultations. To speak to a Women’s Health clinician, please call 1300 630 204.

Why BodySmart Women’s Health?

At BodySmart we have a a dedicated department specialising in services for Women.

Over and above general health and fitness, we have specific expertise for a broad range broad range of conditions including:

• Pregnancy (pre and postnatal care);
• Incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction;
• Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP);
• Endometriosis;
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS);
• Hysterectomy; and
• Pelvic and lumbar spine pain.

Our clinicians help guide you through what can be very exciting times, (e.g. pregnancy) or times of uncertainty The first step to understanding what’s safe, what’s relevant and what the best choice for you might be is choosing a professional team equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide the best possible outcome for you. BodySmart Health+ has a dedicated team of experts ready to help you.

Hear former Australian Diamonds Netball Captain, Laura Geitz on her experience exercising during her second pregnancy at Body Smart Health. Laura provides insight into how she is exercising safely under the guidance of an accredited Exercise Physiologist, to keep her feeling on top of her game throughout the first and second trimesters of her pregnancy.


Why chose a Women’s Health Exercise Physiologist?

All BodySmart Women’s Health+ Exercise Physiologists (AEP) have undertaken a minimum four-year University Bachelor’s degree, specialising in exercise design and delivery for a variety of sub-acute, acute and long-term health conditions. Our clinicians are experienced in using a variety of tools including equipment Pilates, Reformers,  & small apparatus. Additional training in preparation for pregnancy and post-natal exercise and rehabilitation  also been undertaken. In our opinion these education and training standards are mandatory for any allied health professional servicing Women’s Health and should be confirmed by all clients before accepting programming or services in this area.

A Women’s Health Exercise Physiologist is an expert in exercise for women who are currently experiencing any of the following:




Preparing or recovering from gynaecological surgery

Preventing or recovering from an injury

At BodySmart Health+ our sessions are tailored specifically to your needs to ensure that you are receiving the best possible treatment for your specific condition. We deliver safe and appropriate exercise interventions, evidence-based education and support. We have extensive knowledge on how the female body works and understand that no two women are the same.

We pride ourselves on providing women’s health services with a difference, in an environment that is approachable, comfortable, safe, supportive and importantly non-judgmental.


Is movement and exercise right for my Women’s Health Condition?

The short answer is, YES! Movement and exercise can be safe and effective in supporting the your body  to cope and thrive during times of increasing demand, whether that be growing a baby for nine months or managing the symptoms of menopause. Specifically, tailored exercise can help in managing your condition, preventing surgery or assisting in recovery from surgery.
Pregnancy and Postpartum

The female body experiences many changes throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. In particular, women may experience ligamentous laxity reduced core and pelvic floor strength and stability, changes to posture, and general muscular tightness. The great news is… movement and clinical exercise can help all of these changes! Read more about pregnancy and  how tailored exercise can help.

Incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction

Urinary incontinence is a largely treatable and preventable condition, affecting up to 37% of Australian women. It can be awkward to speak about incontinence, however, letting us know can help in managing your condition and improving symptoms sooner. Urinary incontinence is not something that you have to just live with. We can help! Read more about Incontinence, PFD and how we can help.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP)

POP refers to descending of any of the pelvic organs due to stretching of the ligaments, muscles and fascia, which hold these organs within the pelvis. POP affects approximately 1 in 5 Australian women during their lifetime. This is a scary statistic, and one that we hope to reduce by providing excellent TA and pelvic floor education to our patients. Learn more about how BodySmart Health+ can assist with POP condition.

What to expect from an appointment with a BodySmart Women’s Health Exercise Physiologist

All women attending a BodySmart women’s health treatment will undertake an initial consultation with a women’s health Exercise Physiologist. During this appointment a detailed medical history will be taken in order to provide a safe and appropriate program or treatment for the management of your needs. This appointment is generally 45 minutes. Initial consultation are also a great time to ask any questions you may have with regards to women’s health. Lots of us get caught up in ‘Doctor Google’ which may not provide the most accurate information.
Bringing along any questions is encouraged to ensure that you are provided with the facts straight away. Following the initial consultation a BodySmart women’s health Exercise Physiologist will work with you to determine the best approach for you, to meet your needs.

Contact a Bodysmart Women+ Specialist to discuss how we can best help you