Workplace Injuries

Have you sustained or aggravated an injury during work? Or when travelling to or from your workplace? Are you looking for a team to assist you with an assessment and diagnosis of your injury, generation of a treatment plan to improve your symptoms and return to your normal work and daily life activities?


Body Smart Health has a team of Allied Health Professionals experienced in Workplace Injury Rehabilitation equipped with the necessary tools to support you every step of the way through your injury, rehabilitation, and successful return to work.

Rehabilitation and Return to Work

If you have had a workplace injury, it is common that a Physiotherapist is involved in your return-to-work rehabilitation and treatment plan.


To be able to access Physiotherapy under Workcover Queensland you will need the following two documents:

1. A Workcover Queensland Claim Number

2. Current copy of your medical certificate from your General Practitioner (GP).


Early access to Physiotherapy assessment and treatment is important. Therefore, if you are currently awaiting your Workcover Queensland Claim Number you are still able to access Physiotherapy, however you will need to cover the cost of the sessions and then once your claim is approved you will be able to be reimbursed by Workcover Queensland

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Physical Therapy at Body Smart Health

Workcover services offered by Body Smart Health to assist with your return to work:


Physiotherapy / Exercise Physiology led gym-based exercise sessions

– For strengthening, rehabilitation and building work capacity

Exercise Physiologists

Occupational Therapists

Hydrotherapy /Aquatic Physiotherapy Sessions


Some recent Customer feedback

“Very professional and easy to talk to, working on areas to build my strength back, happy they are able to listen to me and explain how to continue with my excerise’s at home as well”Steven Woolard – Ipswich

“Not just an exercise physiology / physiotherapy service – the BSH team at Paddington have been my rehabilitation “family” for almost 4 years now. Genuine, caring and highly skilled professionals at every step from booking to consultation. This team have motivated and supported me through the highs and lows of cancer treatment (and beyond). Individual training and class Pilates sessions have helped me achieve previously insurmountable personal goals. Never feel weak or inadequate at BodySmart – just inspired and energised to keep moving forward. Strong words of support from someone who previously HATED exercise. Go team! “Alison Smith – Paddington

“I met with Keaton (EP) and the team at bodysmart for a severe knee injury. Keaton is a fantastic professional who answered all my difficult questions and tailored quality therapy during my injury to cater to all of my needs. The exercise plan I received alleviated the pain in my knee and strengthened it so I was able to go back to playing sport. During the process I felt supported and confident due to his level of care and expertise. I highly recommend the bodysmart team and Keaton for physical therapy and could not be happier with the results. “Isaac Shay – Labrador


How can we help you?

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