BodySmart Pilates builds skills, improves techniques and focuses on long term progression, no matter your ability.

Why Choose Reformer Pilates at BodySmart Health+?

BodySmart Pilates clinics are fully equipped, air conditioned Pilates studios offering a range of individual or group pilates sessions. We have state of the art reformers, stretch barrel and weights. All classes are conducted and supervised by a Pilates trained Exercise Physiologist and therefore are eligible for rebate under most levels of private health insurance.
BodySmart Clinical Pilates programs are individually designed based on your personal musculoskeletal assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists.
Our Clinical Pilates program improve posture, core strength and stability, flexibility, balance and breathing with a specific focus on learning control issues that may be contributing to pain or reduced function.
Our Pilates clients range from 15 to 85 years of age, from the most basic movements all the way to very challenge and advanced programs. We have over many classes per week so there are classes to fit your schedule.
As quoted by the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates himself

“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.”

Some of Evidence Based Benefits of Pilates:
  • Improved deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscle tone
  • Prevent and reduce low back and neck pain
  • Overall body toning
  • Improved posture and core stability
  • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles
  • Improved flexibility and balance
  • Reduce stress
  • Improves sporting performance
  • Safe form of exercise during and after pregnancy
  • Improves bone density (reduces risk of osteoporosis)

Pilates offers a form of exercise suitable for all ages and abilities, injuries, chronic conditions and general health and well-being. And Pilates is not only for women! We have many men enjoying the benefits that Pilates brings.

Expect to improve your technique, feel and work muscles you didn’t know you had, strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and have some fun! Book a BodySmart Pilates Session today!


Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a specialised form of Pilates devised by physiotherapists and clinical physiologists using spring loaded equipment to improve body control, strength and balance.

Clinical Pilates focuses on strengthening the patients “core stability” muscles, such as the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, that act as the support system for our spine and pelvis. Increases in core strength can help reduce low back and neck pain and improved body posture, movement and function. BodySmart Health+ are experts in Clinical Pilates with beginner through to advanced sessions running weekly.

Whether your looking to develop a lean toned physique, rehabilitating an injury, improving your core strength and stability or just enjoy a therapeutic alternative to exercise BodySmart Classic and Clinical Pilates programs can help you. Click here to see up-to date class times and availability and to make a booking. If you prefer you can simply call on 1300 630 204 for assistance and to book.

We design our classes to make you challenge whatever your level of experience whilst always keeping things fun and interesting. Our pilates classes are also a great opportunity for space to clear your mind from everyday clutter and focus on yourself and your body.


Contact BodySmart Health+ to book a free musculoskeletal assessment to determine the best programs to suit your experience and goals.