What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer pilates is an exercise modality that uses a spring loaded machine to add resistance to each exercise you do. Reformer pilates takes the basic principles of matwork pilates and transforms the exercise routine using these springs of varying resistance to add weight, challenge balance and coordination and promote mobility through a range of exercises. 

Can I use Reformer Pilates?

Paddington clinic classes: Before attending a class at our Paddington studio, we recommend you book an initial 1:1 appointment with one of our Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists.

This initial appointment will involve a detailed assessment of your current ability and introduce you/re-introduce you to reformer pilates. We will then advise if you should start classes straight away, or if you need any further 1:1 appointments to ensure you are fully confident before starting classes.


If you have previously done reformer pilates elsewhere and are confident on the machine, you are welcome to download the Mindbody app and book into our classes straight away. Please let our instructors know if it is your first class at Body Smart and if you have an injury history we should be aware of.

Clinical Reformer Pilates 

Clinical reformer pilates differs from our classes in that it is an individualised program that has been designed and is delivered by our expert Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists with your specific needs targeted- this includes programs specific to back pain, musculoskeletal injuries, neurological conditions where balance and strength have been compromised and pregnancy and post natal modifications. 


Clinical Reformer Pilates is an exercise and treatment modality that can be used by the majority of our population. Clinical Pilates on any given day at Body Smart Health includes sessions for those post stroke, during and post pregnancy, athletes, office workers, couples wanting to get fitter and stronger together, amongst many others.

Body Smart Health Pilates builds skills, improves techniques and focuses on long term progression, no matter your ability.

Why choose Body Smart Health?

Classes: Pilates classes at Body Smart Health Paddington are unique in that they will all be programmed and taught by either a Physiotherapist or an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Our studio boasts just seven state of the art reformers, this small size meaning that each class you attend will guarantee you some individualised attention and performance enhancing feedback. Body Smart Health has a longstanding and proud reputation of consistently delivering the highest quality reformer pilates to our clients of all ages, life stages and abilities. We offer a variety of class types including but not limited to women’s health specific, HIIT reformer, mobility and Mums and Bubs classes.


We will guarantee you a workout and burn in every session!

Clinical Pilates: All of our clinics offer Clinical Reformer Pilates, run by our highly skilled Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists. As by the nature of our professions, we are best placed to help treat and manage conditions such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, pregnancy, post operative recovery and athletic performance and we do this on a daily basis across all of our clinics in South East Queensland. Clinical Pilates at Body Smart Health has been a trusted environment for many for years for athletes, for those who have disability funding through the NDIS, and for general populations who want to build strength, balance and mobility.


A clinical pilates session will always be individualised and tailored to your specific needs to focus on your goals, whether that is rehabilitation from an injury, improving your flexibility and mobility as you age, making modifications to your exercise throughout stages of pregnancy, or just to build general strength. You can attend your clinical reformer pilates session by yourself, or we also welcome duo appointments where you can come with a friend, a partner, a colleague or family member. 

Expect to improve your technique, feel and work muscles you didn’t know you had, strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and have some fun! 


Where is this available?

Group reformer pilates classes are currently only offered at our Paddington clinic from Monday to Saturday. 


At all clinics, we do offer private 1:1 or duo pilates sessions for 30, 45 or 60 minutes during opening hours run by our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists.

Contact Body Smart Health to book an initial assessment to determine the best programs to suit your experience and goals.