I first met Ellen approx 4 months ago, when I was asked if I was interested in doing gym exercises that would help my osteoarthritis. Not being an exercise person I thought I would give it ago.

Ellen started off slowly with me and by the time I left my first session I was converting. I love doing the weight bearing exercises and after approx 4 sessions I noticed that my pain was far less severe.
My friends and family have noticed that I can get out of a chair a lot easier, my posture is a lot better and I havn't got the pained look on my face. So, a big thanks to Ellen for her expertise in giving me a lot more freedom of movement and the opportunity to enjoy my travels. Oh; I am a 79 year old nomad and have had 2 shoulder replacements and 1 hip.

Shirley Booth

"I have been training with Kieran for close to two years with the goals of recovering after two rounds of surgery and improving my general fitness and health. I required someone with the qualifications to understand my condition and devise a program appropriate to my specific needs. I found these attributes in Kieran plus the added and incredibly necessary bonus of a person with a warm, friendly manner who genuinely cares about the people training under his watch. Exercise has now become a part of my life and the benefits are unquestionable. I am less stressed with improved energy, balance and joint mobility. I am very grateful that Kieran has been so knowledgable, helpful and supportive on my journey to be fitter and healthier."

Kris Keating

My neurologist recommended the services of Kieran Bairstow to provide fitness, exercise and strength building routines. These sessions have dramatically improved my physical health, but more importantly, aided my recovery from both anxiety and depression.

Kieran offers a challenging approach, promotes a team environment and provides an individual programme to encourage positive output.

Michael Johnston

My name is Rona Arndt. I am 90 years of age. Imagine my surprise when my Doctor referred me to Body Smart Health to take part in a program for older people to attend a gym twice a week.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be going to a gym at 90 years of age.  I thought, why not! So here I am with my trainer Ellen teaching me exercises to make me strong physically as well as mentally strong.  She has taught me so much I feel I have started a new life, not one for sitting in a chair and getting weaker but one that is helping me to grow stronger with my walking, getting up out of a chair like a much younger person.  I can now do so much more around my house and garden. I have become a much more confident person also my interest in life are growing daily.  I don’t know how to thank Ellen and Body Smart for giving my life back to me.  It’s a new beginning and I look forward to each day.  Ellen you are a very special person and I happy to have you in my life.

Rona Arndt

"Things started to change up when Kieran commenced taking our group EP sessions—running faster & longer, indoor/outdoor circuits using lots of equipment, setting new PB's & then challenging them. We even had
a self-defence session! All this was catered to our individual strengths & weaknesses with lively discussions covering a diverse range of health life balance topics."

Sally Patton Casswell

"I needed someone who really knew what they were doing, understood the science and the process of exercise, and understood rehabilitation. I found that in Kieran and the team at BodySmart. Kieran guided me through a program that took my personal circumstances into account. But what really helped me was that he's a former elite athlete who had suffered major injury so he has a deep, personal understanding of the whole rehabilitation process and also understood where my head was at."

Paul Fraser

"I used to detest exercise, but after 2 years my bone mineral density is higher than it's ever been and I'm now capable of running 10km! I should have started this 15 years ago."

Teresa O'neil

"A little over five and a half years ago my doctor said I must do something about my hypertension and borderline type 2 diabetes. He said that I didn't need medication if I did something about my weight and fitness. He recommended a clinic that specialised in rehab and healthy lifestyle issues.

It was there I was introduced to Exercise Physiology

Leading up to my first visit I had already started a walking and food intake regime to help reduce my weight. However the initial testing showed an unhealthy body fat versus muscle ratio and a BMI outside the recommended range for someone my height and age.

I was started me on a gradual exercise regime taking into account my bad knees and suspect back. It was quickly determined that my Knee issues and back issues were treatable with appropriate strengthening exercises specific to those areas and at the same time devised a programme to improve my general fitness. The program included elements of strength, balance and aerobic fitness and gradually increased in intensity as I reached milestones.

Evidence of improvement was significant after just three months and my fitness and strength further improved over the next three months to the point where I significantly reduced my tendency to type 2 diabetes and reduced my hypertension medication by 75%.  I had reversed the body fat/muscle ratios and improved my fitness significantly better than the norm for a person my age (59-60) and continue to improve these measures for my current age (63). I have been so encouraged that I intend to keep it up indefinitely."

Paul McGahan