Anti Aging Health & Wellness

Anti Aging Health & Wellness

At BodySmart Health+ we understand that everybody’s health and wellbeing is unique and personal.

Some of us are highly active, others slow and steady achievers; some like to focus and work towards their goals in private, others love to turn exercise into a social occasion.

We understand where you want to get to, and we know how to get you there.


Our approach is centred around you

As we get older, we are presented with different health challenges that require unique solutions. We design our programs to overcome these challenges, from the performance of daily activities to improving one’s confidence and independence. Body Smart provides comprehensive support and assistance to improve function, movement skills, mobility, and balance. Our programs are also designed to reduce the risk of accidents such as trips and falls.
We offer:
• A private, welcoming environment. BodySmart Health+ is appointment only.
• Clinic or home-based therapy and exercise.
• One-on-one, duo and group options.
• Solutions for children, adolescents, and young adults through to middle age.
• Choice and flexibility.

BodySmart clinicians are experienced in designing personalised solutions that meet our clients varied and unique needs. This is particularly important as we get older and our bodies don’t quite work the way they used to.

In this regard, it helps to have a physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist who understands the challenges that come with age and how we can prevent injury keeping you safe, happy, healthy, and doing the things you love.

As we watch our clients grow, learn, and improve, they become like family to us. We love that we get to share in their success. Feeling happy and comfortable significantly improves your results, so we work hard to make your experience at BodySmart feel ‘just right’ for YOU.

‘We love the relationships we have with our clients. Guiding our clients in the right direction, helping them improve, and seeing them achieve things they never thought they could is what gets us out of bed in the morning.’


Benefits of Body Smarts Anti-aging program include improvements in:






Weight Management


Mental Health

Heart Health

Lung Health

Quality of Life

As Clinical Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists BodySmart Health+ understands the science and anatomical changes that happen to our bodies as we age. We create an individualised plan using a range of services based on your needs. These include Clinical Exercise, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Dietary services as well as broader support, assessments and recommendations to achieve your goals for movement, health and wellbeing, independence and general quality of life.

Aged Care Conditions Treated

BodySmart Exercise Physiologists & Physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions including, but are not limited to:
• Long term pain
• Osteoarthritis
• Loss of strength
• Poor gait and mobility
• Balance
• Falls Prevention
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Post stroke rehab
• Osteoporosis
To hear more about our available services

Contact a BodySmart Aged Care Specialist to see how we can help you