Strength, Conditioning & Fitness

When prescribed properly, exercise can be the single most powerful tool to enhance your health, fitness and performance.

At BodySmart Health+ we specialise in smarter exercise solutions to deliver better outcomes.

We focus on designing exercises tailored to your individual anatomy, current ability, and your tolerance for activity. Ours is an intelligent, scientific and measured approach to progress your health & fitness goals in a sustainable and enduring manner.
We offer:
• One-on-one
• Training with a partner
• Semi Personal Training
• Group training

BodySmart Exercise Physiologists have the knowledge and experience to design the correct program for YOU with the correct exercises, at the right time, to suit your body, mind and lifestyle. All of our Exercise Physiologists are degree qualified with extensive knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on offering advanced, evidence based principles for superior results.

We want our clients to have fun getting fit, healthy, capable and body confident. To help them be better versions of themselves.

What to expect at BodySmart Health+

You will benefit from dedicated attention at BodySmart Health, creating a open and honest relationship with your Exercise Physiologist so together you can focus on one thing – your results.

We conduct an initial assessment to create a program specifically tailored for you, taking into account current fitness, your goals, any injuries or limitations as well as your nutrition and lifestyle. Our ability to employ the science behind the exercise in a fun and dynamic format means sessions are both enjoyable and effective.

Strength and Muscle Building

Strength and muscle building isn’t just for clients looking to build or alter their physique. BodySmart programs are designed for those also looking to improve strength gains or increase muscle mass from injury or surgery rehabilitation. Our carefully structured programs accommodate the volume of training required to reach your individual goals while acknowledging the need for rest and recovery within your training regime.

Your BodySmart support team will be on hand to continually assess your progression throughout your program, providing you with feedback on your progression and revising exercises and focus areas as and when required.


For Athletes

BodySmart Exercise Physiologists bring a wealth of experience to enhancing sports performance with athletes ranging from developmental youth sports through to elite international competitors. At BodySmart we test, train and get you results, taking your performance to the next level.
We focus on:


Vertical Leap




Sports specific fitness and conditioning

Developing a leaner physique

Training for weight restricted sports

BodySmart also works with high schools, sporting clubs and elite sporting organisations to run testing, strength and conditioning, speed and agility or education sessions within the framework of their athletic development program. To find out more, please contact BodySmart Health and Fitness+ today.

Want to lose weight, toned up, get more muscle or just feel better? Let’s talk about your goals.