Supervised Weight Management Programs

Supervised Weight Management

Weight Management is one of the most common yet challenging goals for people of all profiles, and the approach is different for each and every individual.
At Body Smart Health we want you to realise the benefits of LIVING at a healthy weight and to give you the tools to maintain it FOR LIFE. 
The benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are far reaching. Beyond the obvious physical benefits, maintaining a healthy weight has many health benefits, including:

Decreased Cancer Risk

Being overweight can increase your chances of developing cancer, including breast cancer.

Increased Fertility

Why? Weight can affect your periods and ovulation—so if you’re not at a healthy weight range your fertility can suffer.

Longer Life Expectancy

People with a healthy weight people have a lower risk of disease and thus, live longer. And it can be significantly longer. The estimate lifespan of an obese person (that’s anyone with a BMI of 40-45) is up to 10 years shorter than that of a normal-weight person.

Improved Heart Health

People with a high body mass index are more likely to show signs of early plaque buildup in their arteries when compared to normal-weight people.

Better Sleep

Fat, and particularly belly fat can interfere with lung function making it harder for them to expand. And since breathing issues can lead to nighttime problems like sleep apnea, being overweight can takes a significant toll on your sleep which in turn can have significant health complications if loss of sleep become chronic.

More Motivation to Exercise

Being overweight in itself can be a physiological barrier to exercise. Getting you weight down can start a chain reaction of positive feelings and positive health actions, including better eating and exercise. Conversely, gaining weight can trigger the same reaction, only in the other direction.

Decreased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Even minor weight loss for people who are overweight is associated with delaying or preventing Type 2 Diabetes


Body Smart Health Weight Management Programs

Whilst for many achieving a target weight seems a long way off, by combining advanced and clinically proven exercise and training techniques, a structured diet plan and support and guidance from our expert team results are not only possible, they are guaranteed.

Our weight management exercise programs combine HIIT (high intensity interval training), resistance, pilates, circuit and cardiovascular training modules. This varied but structured program is tailored to your personal experience and fitness level as well as to your preferred level on the pain and gain continuum. This may sound trivial however we are interested on helping you achieve a sustainable, long term healthy weight and your interest and enjoyment in the process is KEY to any program’s success.


In addition to this, throughout the weight management process you will be supported in managing your diet. This can vary from person to person but may involve anything from education and guidance around food and nutrition, simple strategies to improve food intake, recipes and meal planning. Our accredited practising dietitian will work with you to achieve your individualised goals as well as give you the skills and ability to maintain your progress longer term.

Some weight management service providers offer more of a ‘mad dash’ to a target weight. Whilst this may work for some, for the majority it can often be a just a peak that quickly returns to a trough due to lack of long term interest and enjoyment.

‘Improve your physique, regain your body confidence, improve your health and wellbeing and get the most out of life!’

Body Smart Health Supervised Weight Management Sessions

Body Smart Health Studios are complete with the most technically and medically advanced equipment. Our facilities are guaranteed to be spotlessly clean and our equipment in perfect working condition. All Body Smart Health sessions are also by appointment only so you can be confident in always having privacy, space and access to our start of the art facilities.
We offer:
•  One-on-one          •  Partner          •  Group Sessions
Beyond exercise programs, our team will guide and support you through a nutritional plan and continually assess your progression throughout your program.

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