‘When it comes to your health, expertise and experience is everything.’

Fitness & Conditioning, Active Lifestyles, Health & Wellbeing

With State of the Art Equipment, Small Class SizesPersonalised Programs and Exceptional Instruction experience a consistently high quality health & fitness experience that gets results. Learn More >

Female Centric Health & Wellbeing

Dedicated solutions for women’s health concerns including Pre and Post-natal Care, POP, PCOS, Pelvic Floor, Endometriosis and Pelvic Girdle and Lower Back PainLearn More >

Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy & Chronic Condition Management

Speciality Allied Health Services in Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Workplace Rehabilitation, Clinical Pilates, Chronic Disease Management and Veterans WellnessLearn More >

Exercise Oncology

Exercise Oncology is a branch of exercise-therapy that assists people who are diagnosed with cancer to thrive from pre-treatment, and well into survivorship. Learn more > 


NDIS and Exercise Physiology can provide much-needed support and assistance to improve mobility, balance and to reduce the risk of accidents such as trips and falls. Learn More >

Corporate Health & Occupational Rehabilitation

Tailored Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Programs to the requirements of your business and the individual needs of your people. Email BodySmart Health+ to learn more.

Exercise & Physical Therapy Research, Education & Training

Research, Education & Training for advancing science and skills in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Highly qualified trainers, teaching labs and advanced equipment. Email BodySmart Health+ to learn more


Services and Departments

BodySmart Health+ offers a wide range of advanced, high quality services and equipment across its departmental areas. See the list below for some of our most popular services. Not sure or need some advice? Contact us so together we can work out what is the best approach for your specific needs.
• Physiotherapy
• Pilates
• Exercise Physiology
• Mental Health
• Rehabilitation
• Assessments
• Exercise Classes
• Pre/Post Natal
• Oncology
• Remedial Massage
• Nutrition
• Conditioning
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Why BodySmart Health+

Consistently better outcomes in the shortest possible timeframes.

Why? Because BodySmart consultants are more experienced and better trained so they can not only identify where attention is needed, they can design and implement specific programs that get results quickly.


•  Highly trained, qualified and experienced

•  Clinically structured, evidence based and outcome oriented

•  Advanced biomedical approaches and personally tailored programs

•  Professional, reliable and trustworthy


With BodySmart Health+ you can trust you are in safe hands. When it comes to your health, expertise and experience is everything.


Our Specialty Health Services

Whether it is fixing, restoring, improving, resolving, performing or managing BodySmart Health+ has the speciality services to cater specifically to your requirements.
Health Checks & Screening

Workplace Readyness

Injury Prevention

Injury Rehabilitation

Chronic Condition Management

Fitness & Conditioning

Toning & Shaping

Weight Loss

Muscle Development

Movement & Flexibility

Balance & Agility

Reflex & Speed

Strength & Power

Diet & Nutrition

Sleep & Anxiety

Not sure exactly what is best for you?

Before you jump into any activity be sure to have an experienced BodySmart Exercise Physiologist take a look at your personal situation and help you identify to right approach for you. We will take the time to assess, identify and program for you specifically. Understanding your issues and/or objectives and designing programs to achieve your desired outcomes.


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