Meet The Body Smart Team: Ken Elumba

We chat to Ken Elumba, a BodySmart Health+ Exercise Physiologist about his goals and inspirations.

Body Smart: What inspired you to become an Exercise Physiologist?
Ken: As a youngster I was always involved with sports and athletics and at school one of the subjects I was comfortable with was human biology. When it came to choosing a degree in University I knew it had to align with my strengths. Having never heard about Exercise Physiology up until that point I was naturally drawn to everything about the field.
Body Smart: When did you join the Body Smart team and what’s your favourite thing about working with Body Smart?
Ken: I joined the Body Smart team in January 2016. One of my favourite things about working with Body Smart is being able to utilise the theory and practice that I learned from university to assist the already hard-working clients to improve themselves and their quality of life. Occasionally, I also get to taste some of our client’s home-cooking which almost takes first place on my favourite things.
Body Smart: What is one thing that people should remember when it comes to their own health and fitness?
Ken: There is no point going into a new exercise program like a bull in a china shop. Especially if you are starting from scratch, it is expected you will experience a few aches and pains as your body is not used to the additional movement. Start slow and build yourself up to a higher level, allowing your muscles to adapt to what they are going through. The phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ is outdated and simply not true. Effective exercise can take your body out of it’s comfort zone, however, it should never be so painful it puts you off or causes you to break down. Enjoy the process and look to progress.
Body Smart: What’s your favourite exercise, sport or activity?
Ken: I have always been a fan of Basketball and enjoy playing at least twice per week. Three days per week I go through my own exercise program at the gym. There will also be times where I will get a sudden urge to play volleyball or punch some boxing mitts.
Body Smart: What does a normal day in the life of Ken look like?
Ken: During the weekdays you will find me on the South side of Brisbane between Beenleigh, Upper Mount Gravatt, and Cleveland with some weekly and monthly visits to Medical Clinics in between. I find a good night’s rest and small caffeine hit helps.

If you want to work with Ken or one of our Exercise Physiologists to design a program that is right for you and your goals, call us on 1300 630 204 or email

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