Meet The Body Smart Team: Lauren Constable

Drive by her love of health and exercise as well as passion to help people, Lauren started working with BodySmart in September 2015.

Body Smart: What inspired you to become an Exercise Physiologist?

Lauren: When I first left school I was planning on studying to be a paramedic, however, my Mum was the one who first showed me the Exercise Physiology course and the more I looked into it, the more it seemed like the course for me as I could combine my love of health and exercise as well as passion to help people.

Body Smart: When did you join the Body Smart team and what’s your favourite thing about working with Body Smart?

Lauren: I first started my practical placement for university with Body Smart in September 2015 and began full time work in January 2016. My favourite thing about Body Smart is that I get to do a variety of exercise therapies with a wide range of clients and find a solution for so many different conditions.

Body Smart: What is one thing that people should remember when it comes to their own health and fitness?

Lauren: No matter your current fitness levels, conditions, injuries, age and past/present pain, exercise can be individualised to help you physically and mentally in so many different ways!

Body Smart: What’s your favourite exercise, sport or activity?  

Lauren: My favourite sport is netball, but I don’t get to play much anymore so I undertake gym sessions, interval training, pilates and also make sure I go for a big walk each week.

Body Smart: What does a normal day in the life of Lauren look like?

Lauren: I wake up at 4:30am each day and I’m at work by 6am. I am either at our Milton or Sandgate location where I undertake gym based exercise programs with clients usually until around lunch time. I then have a few hours break and continue seeing clients until 7pm. Once a fortnight I work at a local clinic to do some consulting and take clients through hydrotherapy group classes and every Friday morning I take a Reformer Pilates class.

If you want to work with Lauren or one of our Exercise Physiologists to design a program that is right for you and your goals, call us on 1300 630 204 or email

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